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Metering China Print

Branded as Metering China, the magazine is printed and published four times a year in China by GSL Publishing, one Division of GSL Consulting.
All editorial and advertising are in Chinese. Editorials are sourced from experts in China and internationally, and addresses interests and developments in Chinese energy metering market. Distribution is to 12,000 readers in the Chinese electricity, water and gas industries. Metering China Print is the official publications of the annual METERING China Conference & Exhibition, Meter Communication Forum, Meter Design and Meter Test Forums.
Metering China Online
The magazine online media services are mainly published on the www.meteringchina.com website.
We have developed both Chinese and English versions of the website:
For details of the Chinese version, please visit: www.meteringchina.com/cn
For details of the English version, please visit: www.meteringchina.com/en
Metering China E-newsletter
METERING China E-Newsletter is developed by our editor team as a bilingual (Chinese & English) utility news and industry information carrier for registered metering professionals and executives in order to keep them abreast of the latest market changes and developments in Chinese electricity, water and gas utilities. The utility news and industry information are sourced from our correspondent network in Chinese utilities and manufacturers.
The E-newsletter, published on a monthly basis in bilingual (both Chinese and English versions), is distributed to our Chinese readers (15000+ Chinese professional names) and international readers (20000+ interest parties) respectively by email blast. To register the E-newsletter is Free.

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For advertising or publishing articles, please contact:
Angela Lin
Phone: 0086 10 6800 1719 or 6800 1670
Fax: 0086 10 6800 1673
Email: mic@meteringchina.com


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