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Advisory Services

When the market conditions are well understood based on the market assessment, and you have decided to enter Chinese market, you need to consider how to proceed the project efficiently and effectively. These are related to the developed strategy, partner selected, and your experiences in the Chinese market. It is also related to your understanding of the people you will deal with – people’s culture and the way of doing businesses.

The following series of services can be offered to support you in the whole process.

  • Market entry and expansion strategy
    This offering is to provide guidance on market entry strategy or expansion strategy. These are based on deep analysis of various business models that should be considered and comparison of competitor’s operations. Appropriate suggestions will be made in the offering.
  • Identification of a suitable partner
    This offering is to assist our clients to scan and identify the potential key partner(s) in the industry as per the requirement of the client. The key partner can be an agent, distributor, technical licensee, product or system designer, JV partner, or an acquisition target.
  • Acquisition of a Chinese company
    This service offering entails providing advisory services in the whole process related to acquiring a local company. It consists identification of the acquisition target, initial contact for the possibility, assistance in the negotiation, proof of the company‘s reputation, creditability, and financial status, valuation of the deal etc.
  • Establishment of connections with local government and utilities
    This service is to offer local support to our clients who have plans to establish connections with local government or utilities but have limited resources and channels in this field. With our rich experiences and knowledge in the metering industry, we have assisted many international companies in Chinese market. You are welcome to contact us for any questions.

For more details or any enquires about our services, please contact:

James Lau
Direct line: 0086 (0)10 6800 3684;


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